How the Overlander Adventurers came to life

The Overlander Adventurers storybook app was made possible through the The Flinders Shire Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

RADF forms partnership with regional based councils as a Queensland Government through Arts Queensland initiative.

Creator of the app, Tamara Hogan, was rapt to discover the availability of RADF funding for the Flinders Shire. “I came to learn that longstanding members of Hughenden’s local RADF committee have been responsible for creating real depth of artistic and cultural development in the region.”

Tamara first thought to apply for funding to continue her line of children’s books, a range of therapeutic readings for kids and families starring a central character known as ‘Mary Bea’.

However, after spending a period of time in Hughenden, Tamara changed her mind.

“I really wanted to give back to the community.”

“This place is full of the kinds of people that the wider nation would fondly think of as having that quintessential Aussie spirit; neighbours lend each other a hand, people watch out for each other’s kids, and there’s a level of resourcefulness and independence here that harks back to bygone eras.”

“However, as to be expected, long-standing drought conditions have had a serious impact out here. The effects can be devastating, on families, local businesses, and the morale of the place in general.”

And yet, Tamara reflected, the beauty of the countryside remains, year in, year out, despite the lack of rain. “The sunburnt colours are a literal canvas out here.”

Hooking onto the idea of using her love for storytelling to inspire visitors and tourists to travel along the Overlander’s Way, bringing renewed connectivity, life and funds with them, became the driving force behind The Overlander Adventurers.

“I wanted to find a way to share the Flinders Shire with a much broader audience”.

Next week: why the storybook app vs a traditional book?  


Welcome to the world Overlander Adventurers!

After a long 12 month gestation, the Overlander Adventurers were finally born into the world midnight, Saturday 15th November 2014!

The Overlander Adventurers is a storybook app that shares the secrets and spells of a unique part of Australia’s outback.


Jeremy Overlander, a 10 year old boy born and raised in Hughenden, welcomes his town-based cousin Tommy Thimble to the Flinders Shire for the school holidays. Jeremy takes it on himself to acquaint his cousin with the adventures to be found in the central Queensland district that he calls home.

The Overlander Adventurers came from the seed of an idea held in the sunburnt mind of a writer newly arrived in the big small town of Hughenden…

“I’m a romanticist at heart, and there’s nothing like the broad horizons and aching blue skies of Queensland’s mid west to stir the cogs of the intrepid creative”….


“It’s been a long journey but I’m rapt to finally be able to present the Flinders Shire with the results of their putting their faith in me.”

The Overlander Adventurers are a loveable duo and, as it turns out, they have a pretty good crack at being virtual tour guides for the region.


Find out how the Overlander Adventurers storybook app came to life

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